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Features / Benefits / Methodology

Our API can handle the SMS messaging needs of clients ranging from small businesses and startups to multinational organizations. We have built the capacity to handle over 140,000 messages per hour, all billed based on usage and with no software costs involved.
We issue alphanumerics to clients in Kenya and can register these with all the mobile providers in both countries.
An alphanumeric is a custom sender id that is registered with Mobile Service Providers and that can be stamped on SMS messages being sent out to users. For example, if your business name is XYZ, you can purchase that alphanumeric and brand messages going out from your account as being from XYZ .
One important distinction between alphanumerics and short codes is that with alphanumerics, users will not be able to reply to that sender id. Also, note that alphanumerics are case sensitive.
Once you purchase an alphanumeric, you will have the option of using it as the sender id for messages originating from your account.

Have questions about our product? Please call us at +254 (0) 20 219 9563

CALL US: +254 (0) 20 219 9563


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