Call Centers
Techno Brain BPO ITES (KE)

Setup of a 144 Seat Call Center for the BPO at their Mombasa road offices. As the Name BPO suggests, Techno Brain offers outsourced services to Local and international clients round the globe. The center serves as an inbound and outbound call handling BPO having capacity to receive up to 30 concurrent calls and make dial out campaigns to relevant clients. The same serves as a data collection and processing center where information is processed on a 24 by 7, 365 basis.

Techno Brain BPO ITES (UG)

The BPO Section in UG has a total of 140 Seats having maximum inbound of 20 calls. The same is a new Center recently established and is projected to grow to 200 plus seats. Services offered to the BPO in UG are the same as those of Kenya.

Techno Brain BPO ITES (UG)

This is a part of Techno Brain Group telephony setup in the region and is mentioned to point out Bitz Coverage in the Country. Please refer to Kenya Scenario for the telephony Infrastructure Setup.

Structured Cabling (Fiber, Wireless and Copper Media)

Techno Brain Limited Group
Techno Brain consists of a group of companies, i.e. BPO, Solutions, Development and Training. Bitz IT had the opportunity of doing networking for two of its divisions (BPO and KDC) all summing to a total of 300 Network Point on Cable and two access points. Techno Brain BPO and KDC run under a cat 6e network as well wireless network running Cisco Switches and a Cyberoam firewall Gateway. Bitz Takes full charge of the setup of these technologies under techno Brain Network.

 IP Telephony

Techno Brain Group
Bitz IT setup the Corporate IP telephony for Techno Brain Group. This way it has helped ensured that each Branch Office is an extension away saving them mobile phone bills across offices up to about 1000 USD per Senior manager as well as 3000 USD on each Branch office.
The telephony network uses IP based technology on VoIP Running under Asterisk technology and IP Phones from the world renown Yealink IP Phones. Through these the telephony systems delivers HD audio quality communication utilizing little internet throughput.

IT Support

Techno Brain Group

Bitz IT Offers IT support to Techno Brain Group of Companies which basically entails IT Administration of their IT Infrastructure. The following are the support packages offered by Bitz IT:

Techno Brain Subscribes to all these services where a group of Administrators reside within the client site and help manage all the Internal IT processes of the company. Bitz IT has deployed a team of ten core administrators who work with Techno Brain IT resources to ensure consistent running of the IT Technology.

Server Setup and Configuration

Techno Brian BPO ITES

Bitz takes charge in the setup of all the Servers under Techno Brain BPO ITES Division. These servers run both under windows and Linux technology serving the roles listed below


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